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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans, or How Not to Burn Your House Down

For Easter this year, I contributed bacon wrapped green beans. I've had bacon wrapped asparagus, but 2/5 of my Easter party aren't big asparagus fans. You know what EVERYone is a fan of? Bacon.

This "recipe" is super easy. Get one pound fresh green beans, blanch them (boil for three minutes then hit them with cold water), wrap five to six pieces in raw bacon, place on a pan, put them in the over on 350 degrees until the bacon is done (anywhere from 10-20 minutes).

Pro tip: do NOT put the oven rack on the top row and set oven on broil. Bacon grease will pop, sparks will light, your kitchen will catch on fire.

Not that this happened to ME or anything.  
[Everyone's okay. The bacon beans were delish.]
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